NEI focuses primarily on residential and commercial civil engineering (though we do work on industrial space).   These services consist of:
  • Site and building layouts, zoning and planning.
  • Subdivisions, condominiums and roads.
  • Accessory infrastructure (parking, paving types, stormwater-drainage, wastewater, grading, landscaping.
  • Permitting, via Local, State and Federal Agencies, such as: RICRMC, RIDEM, MADEP, DOT’s, Health Departments, and the like.
The art and science of land surveying has progresses by leaps and bounds in the past 25 years. With the advent of GPS, GIS, Robotic Instrumentation and LIDAR – laser bases systems, we can accomplish more with one person than ever before.   Land Surveying Services Include:
  • Property Line Surveys e.g. Class 1 Metes and Bounds Survey (Comprehensive Boundary Survey).
  • Construction layouts, staking for fences, walls, new houses, driveways, etc.
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Bathymetric Surveys
We provide consulting services for residential and commercial light frame constructions, call us for a consult on a job as small as a beam replacement (e.g. removing that pesky garage column) to full scope structural design for your new home or office building.
Services include:
  • Residential light and wood frame construction (SIP’s, timber frames, ICF’s, etc)
  • Inspectional services
  • Hurricane and wind load resistance design
  • Foundation designs, including FEMA compliant pier and pile design. Chance Pile certified engineers.
  • Retaining walls and revetments
  • Flood resilient design, Flood mitigation strategies.
Our team of engineers, surveyors, and environmental scientists work with State and local permitting agencies to allow for an efficient planning and construction process.  Our design methodology attempts to balance homeowners and developers needs within the regulatory framework, whether it be an efficient starter home, or a beachfront showpiece.  Permitting scope includes:
  • RIDEM OWTS  + MA Title 5 (wastewater system design, residential, commercial and light industrial)
  • RICRMC Coastal Resources Management Council: Assent applications, coastal feature determinations, maintenance applications, etc.
  • RIDEM +  MA DEP – Conservation Commissions (Concom): Wetlands flagging, determinations and locations; wetlands permitting.
  • Soil Science: Soil Evaluations, limited geotechnical analysis, Perc Tests (MA) and subsurface investigation. We work with local excavation and drilling companies to properly investigate subsurface conditions prior to building, for water table and soils class determinations.  Necessary for full basements and drainage systems, this is a critical part of the planning and design process.
  • Stormwater and utility designs


NEI has undertaken numerous design projects, from simple residential designs and stock plan modifications to complex commercial assembly facilities that require a technical touch. While we may not be well suited to a  mass market, our appeal is to builders, developers and technically minded who need some assistance is shaping and carrying out their vision.  Our focus is on efficiency in use and design so that negative environmental impacts can be mitigated to the maximum extent possible.  We believe that simple is efficient, sustainable, and beautiful.