NEI is a Civil + Survey firm, located in Portsmouth RI. We have a 35 year history in Rhode Island, providing consulting services to Commercial, Residential and Institutional / Industrial clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. [RI Civil COA, PE.005103-COA, RI Survey COA, LS.0000A38-COA]  Our general areas of expertise are project planning and management, site feasibility assessments, Civil Engineering, Stormwater Design, Wastewater Systems, Foundation, Framing + Structural design, Soil Evaluations + Soil Science, Environmental Permitting (Muni’s, RIDEM, CRMC, NBC, etc.), Subdivisions, LID + Conservation design, and Land Surveying.  NEI is a minority business enterprise (RI: MBE, MA: SOWMBA; RI MBE of the year, 2005).

NEI was started by Kamal Hingorany, PE, PLS, and Bob Mastin, a local entrepreneur in Middletown RI in 1985.  The firms were name was homage to the indigenous Native American tribes, the Narragansett. The second generation has now taken the reigns, with Neal Hingorany, MS, PLS officially becoming the firm’s president in 2018.



Throughout the planning, design, and construction process, NEI will navigate you through local and state regulatory agencies, explore green, low impact and environmentally conscious solutions, and most importantly provide efficient and practical designs solutions.  We believe that good engineering is “cheap”; in other words, engineering is a small percentage of an overall projects cost, and good design can save more than twice its cost in design efficiencies.  “poor” engineering or design could actually have a negative value, if it results in construction delays, or worse, if it results in lawsuits or penalties.

NEI is committed to using standardization, automation and robotic systems to minimize the need for (costly) repetitive tasks, and to allow for staff to remain fully engaged with client’s directives and needs. While many competitors use last centuries technology, we’ve been a major believer in modern solutions, we map all of our surveys using GPS controlled UAV + photogrammetry and scanning (allowing for a shared, 3-dimensional point cloud to be obtained, affordably, for even residential projects), and design our projects using AutoCAD 3D products to allow for accurate but understandable deliverables.  We run cloud accessible systems, so transfer of field data and deliverables are fast (yet redundant)

We maintain a large organization of subcontractors, including other engineering firms, surveying firms, architects, landscape architects, biologists, testing companies, and specialty services.  They are generally integrated directly into our workflow and processes; we find it more effective to manage projects completely. We use them frequently and have the process down pat. It also allows us to retain control on the overall tempo, and quality; due to organizational efficiencies the net cost is often reduced.  If we can’t do something (or don’t do it well) in house, chances are we have a subcontractor who can.

We live and work in the “Ocean” state, and the “Bay” state, and we are intently aware of the challenges presented by climate change and sea level rise. NEI understands the problems from a global perspective, and is intent on providing consulting services that provide robust designs, using calculated risks, in an attempt to balance global/regional factors and client’s needs. We encourage a long-term outlook to our clients, we want our designs (and our client’s homes, business, and infrastructure) to be able to thrive, in spite of the challenges faced ahead.

Our goal is simply to serve our clients needs and provide efficient, balanced, and sustainable and creative design solutions for any project.

NEI is committed to serving local non-profit agencies, particularly in the conservation, environmental, public access, and low to moderate income housing areas.  We set aside a portion a portion of our profits to provide sponsorships, services, or donations to these organizations.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us, at worst we generally offer reduced “at-cost” rates for these services.