Basements: A hole in the ground you put your stuff in….

Basements can be great, if they are well designed. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to add space to a new home, as well as provide a place for utilities, storage, and even living space. Generally, homes on a full basement foundation or crawlspace are easier to insulate, and there for often more energy efficient. The problem with building basements in RI and southeastern MA, is water. If you’re building on Aquidneck Island, for example, there is a very high likely hood you have a high groundwater table (aka Seasonal High Groundwater Table (SHGWT)).

Droning on....

Droning on ….. (Link on 'how to' use web-viewer for model data)

Using UAV’s for land surveying, development, and modeling.

Don’t get too high while building, but get as high as you can.

Maximizing height is important in new building construction. Benefits of building higher include:

Reduced environmental footprint (literally!)

Reduced construction costs

Reduced flood risk and flood insurance costs